Advanced Command

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This Special Skill identifies those soldiers with the best resources and a knack for Command and Control duties.

  • Fielding the user of this Special Skill in your Army List gives you one extra Command Token to use during the game.
  • You may expend this extra Command Token at any point during the game, even if the user of this Special Skill has not deployed yet, and even if he is in a Null state (Unconscious, Dead, Sepsitorized...).

Some troopers have a privileged link with their Command Post, if there is one, or with Command Central if they are operating remotely. This enhanced connection allows for faster and more fluid communication with the mission commander, giving them a better understanding of the finer points of the situation as it develops. This translates into clearer, more coordinated orders, more command and control resources for the field officer, and better chances of success for the boots on the ground.